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Evansville African American Museum’s Donation Policy


Thank you for considering the Evansville African American Museum for your donation. For the safety of staff and objects, potential donors must comply with the following donation policy. If unable to comply with the donation policy, please call the EAAM at 812.423.5188 to make special arrangements.


Please note, any objects dropped off at the EAAM unannounced will be discarded.


Collection Management Policy Checklist:


Before contacting the EAAM, the potential donor must assess their donation. The EAAM will only accept objects that pertain to its mission and collecting strategy. While some exceptions are potential, the EAAM is dedicated to collecting objects that pertain to:

  1. Evansville Black History
  2. Indiana Black History
  3. Tri-State Regional Black History


Please note, if the potential donation is a commercially produced object or unoriginal documents such as a copy of a photograph or newspaper, it has a higher chance of rejection. Nonetheless, the EAAM might request a digital copy for its archive. If so, no Deed of Gift will follow.  




Potential Donation Procedure:


  1. The donor must email the curator ( to initiate the donation. In the email, the potential donor must include the following information:
    1. At least one clear picture per object interested in donating
      1. If applicable, the title of each object, medium, dimensions, and insurance value
    2. The potential donor’s full legal name, home address, and phone number
    3. All information relevant to the object(s), such as provenance, date of purchase, family connection, etc.


  2. Once the email is received with all relative content, the curator will assess the potential gift and follow up with the potential donor. The potential donor can expect one of the following replies:
    1. Yes, the EAAM will accept your gift.
    2. No, the EAAM is unable to accept your gift.
    3. The EAAM needs more time to assess your gift.


  3. If the potential gift is accepted by the EAAM, then the potential donor and curator will arrange a time in which the object(s) will be received by the curator. At this time, the potential donor will sign a Deed of Gift form. This form legally signs the object(s) over to the EAAM. At this point, the now donor’s object(s) will be admitted into the EAAM’s permanent collection.  



Tuesday - Friday 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Saturday 12 p.m. - 4 p.m.

579 S. Garvin St.
Evansville, IN 47713
P: 812-423-5188